Entry #1


2016-02-01 22:43:46 by Chuwiee

Hello Stranger!

I make animations for YouTube and Newgrounds. Keep in mind that im still in school so animations will take a bit longer than usual. I'm still a bit new to animating but I am familiar to it so my animations will not be the best for now.

I use flash 8 and I also have a wacom graphics tablet and a Blue Yeti MIcrophine

I still dont know much about New Grounds but im sure its a friendly enviroment to upload and look at animations/games


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2016-02-03 00:11:08

Yo, welcome to the site ^^


2016-02-06 03:45:56

Hello there, welcome to Newgrounds! I Hope you have a nice stay here. Keep practicing on drawing and animating and you'll get better overtime. Read and watch plenty of animation tutorials for guidance. I wish you the best of luck :)